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"Always aim for the moon ... badly you will have taken a walk among the stars"

Traveling is a unique opportunity for knowledge and enrichment, and that is why we prepare our programs carefully, carefully evaluating the technical and cultural aspects which, will include the following steps that precede the reservation.

  • Personalized Consultancy

At the center we place the needs of customers and guide them in choosing a holiday with one
adequate and objective personalized advice, aimed at verifying the consistency between their expectations, the feasibility of the itinerary and the reality of the destination. The estimate highlights all the technical details of the itinerary and our classification that identifies the quality of services and the sustainability of the trip. This makes the program very clear to customers to whom we illustrate the pros and cons of the offer, which we gradually improve, in all its aspects, up to the final act that precedes definitive confirmation.

  • Practice opening

Following the initial consultation, a first travel program is created free of charge, formulated with the care and high quality level that distinguishes us. After this first phase, we can adapt and improve more and more what is proposed: to this end we request a practical opening fee that allows us to involve our suppliers, partners and local correspondents, with whom we are able to elaborate “Itine” Rare ”that take into account every detail and every customer need. The practical opening consists in the payment of a symbolic amount of € 100.00, which guarantees the reciprocity of the commitment and makes everyone an active part. The result is a double advantage for the customer: on the one hand he can freely request any program alternatives, on the other hand a more careful participation in the analysis of subsequent proposals leads him to a conscious and thoughtful choice. Upon definitive confirmation of the trip, the fee is deducted from the total of the practice.

  • Quality check

All the services we offer are carefully selected, since we do not limit ourselves to accepting the official classifications of the catalogs, but we rely on a rigorous quality control conducted both by our local correspondents and by our staff, through inspections carried out personally and periodically.

  • Tips and pluses

For each destination, upon delivery of the travel documents, a series of information will also be provided to accompany your itinerary which are part of the extra pluses of the Barbirotti agency:
– Advice on connections and means of transport for the places you are going to visit

  • Visits, excursions, typical evenings, shows and suggestions on good local cuisine
  • General news on the climate, clothing and shopping.

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