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Tailor made trips

Tailor made Trips

«Why are you looking so far away for what is inside of you?» «Master, because it is a" Barbirotti "journey!"

The wording “Tailor Made Travel” is well suited to characterize the attention with which Barbirotti Viaggi adapts programs to customer expectations, giving each trip its own unmistakable peculiarity.

The craftsmanship that we dedicate to the construction of a trip does not necessarily identify with a high cost. The in-depth consultancy allows us to focus on your needs and to work in a targeted way thanks to the personal knowledge of the destinations and the dense network of local correspondents, to offer solutions at competitive costs.

We give a special character to all trips. The Itine “Rari” (as we like to call them) represent for our travel agency, which has always specialized in this sector, an opportunity to renew both the knowledge of the destination and of our customers with each new trip.

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