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Over 100 years of history

The history of the Barbirotti Agency begins in the early 1900s, when Gennaro Barbirotti founded the first travel agency in Salerno, in Southern Italy. Today Maurizio, the third generation, thanks to his direct experience of 40 years in the tourism field and his personal research from one end of the world to the other, continues the path undertaken at the beginning of the last century by his family with the same zeal and the same professionalism . This skilful meeting between memory and exploration, the result of the happy synthesis of family traditions and personal experiences, allows our agency to offer customers every solution for organized travel, from the essential-economic (but guaranteed) to the extra-luxury one. Today, with its new headquarters in the heart of the historic center of the city of Salerno, right in front of the Duomo, Barbirotti Viaggi realizes the expectations of every traveler.


Preparing for a wedding involves a series of commitments to which the utmost attention must be paid so that everything is faithfully respected and corresponds to one’s expectations. As for the organizational part of your honeymoon you can relax and “empty your mind”. Barbirotti Viaggi, whose prestige has been consolidated in 100 years of honorable activity, enjoys the esteem and trust of suppliers and customers, who have entrusted their wishes and… savings to our agency.

Tailor made Trips

The wording “Tailor Made Trips” is well suited to characterize the attention with which Barbirotti Viaggi adapts the programs to the specific needs of customers, giving each organized trip its own unmistakable peculiarity.

In other words, it is a question of trips designed and built “tailor-made” for each traveler, on the basis of each individual’s specific needs (be it time, budget or otherwise).

Our mascot

The “BarbiMondo”, our mascot, represents the world that walks and the time that passes. With its pace, it brings together the image of the traditional tourist and that of the traveler of the new millennium. Different profiles and budgets, but which have in common the research in identifying the one to whom to entrust their “dreams”. A professional able to listen with Empathy, advise with Prudence, offer Consultancy, relate by guaranteeing Punctuality and Reliability.

On holiday towards the sun

Find out how to always live in summer. Barbirotti Viaggi selects for you the best destinations to follow the sun and the heat in all seasons.

Group travel

Barbirotti Viaggi offers group trips with different formulas able to satisfy the most varied requests: Cultural Trips, Cruises, Sea Holidays, Pilgrimages, School Trips, Organized Trips with ad hoc programs for pre-established groups.
The prerogative of group travel is to offer a complete product, which integrates and meets the needs and expectations of the participants, our added value is to organize everything: from the first phone calls with suppliers to the meeting of the participants at the end of the trip, including the escort service to make sure that everything always goes smoothly and to offer constant assistance.

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Congress Organization

The Barbirotti Agency has gained decades of experience in the field of Congress Organization, thanks to various and repeated collaborations with Bodies, Public Administration, Associations, etc. and has developed and perfected a functional model for the management of different types of conferences and similar events, of various sizes and with different numbers of participants.

We take care of all stages of organizing a conference, from initial planning to relations with individual participants and suppliers.

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